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Massage Kailua-Kona
                                                                                                                                    by Nykol West 12/1/2005

   The ancient master healers of Hawaii practiced massage regularly and created the ancient art of Lomi Lomi which means massage. It is intertwined with the laws of Huna most specifically the law that everything seeks harmony and everything seeks love.

   Huna is the healing empowerment and spiritual shamanism of ancient Hawaii thought to be about 35,000 years
old. It now exists only as a part of the original teachings due to the rule of Pau and later restrictions of the missionaries. It was a part of life development of the people on a continent which now, no longer exists except for the tips of the mountains now called the Hawaiian Islands. Huna was originally called Ho'omana. Ho'o (to make) Mana (life force, life energy, prana, chi). Ho'omana means empowerment.

   The Huna views all aspects of the human as one and believe that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are not separate. The experience of healing empowerment is effected all levels by Lomi Lomi treatments. We are never viewed as needing to be fixed, but being supported to your harmony and balance.

   The massage is given in fluid and rhythmic motion using the forearms and the hands. Working gently and yet deeply into the muscles with long continuous flowing strokes and Aloha (simply defined as Love). Relaxing to your entire being and totally nurturing every cell, enabling you to give in and simply be as you truly desire. Lomi Lomi opens the channels of the body allowing for the freedom of flowing Mana. Lomi Lomi has been described as feeling like gentle waves rhythmically moving over the entire body.

   A Lomi Lomi session usually begins with quiet stillness between practitioner and recipient. In this stillness the practitioner will quietly give thanks to the ancestors who developed Lomi Lomi and say a blessing or prayer setting an intention for what is wanted. You may also set your intention for any healing empowerment you would like to focus on and you may also discuss your focus before hand with your practitioner.

   Hula (sacred Hawaiian dance) movements may be combined with the breath techniques by the practitioner integral to assisting the Mana flow for all involved. Your practitioner may remind you to breath. Lomi Lomi can be slow and very relaxing or it may be a little faster and invigorating. There is no set format or sequence for Lomi Lomi and no two massages may ever be identical. As with other modalities of massage Lomi Lomi relieves stress and tension in the muscles, balances flex ability in the joints, increases blood and lymph flow and the elimination of wastes and toxins.

   When Mana flow (or who you truly are) is restricted harmony and balance are lacking the effect is pain felt physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually and reveals to you what you are resisting. Emotional release can sometimes occur as the Lomi Lomi may release and shift emotions, attitudes or beliefs that do not resonate with your true nature.

   Lomi Lomi can bring attention to patterns and behaviors that cause limitations that are reproduced in the cells of our body that do not resonate with your true self. These limitations are relived over and over in patterns of our programmed behavior. This blocks Mana flow bringing up dis-ease and muscle tension. Through the awareness that Lomi Lomi brings you are supported to embrace new beliefs that do resonate with your true self.
copywright by Nykol West 2005 all rights reserved
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