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The Benefits Of Massage
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   At one time Massage was considered a luxury but more and more medical research is showing just how essential it is. Massage is showing itself to be a necessary part of your health and wellness plan, as well as an anti-aging strategy.

   The Benefits Of Massage

   Massage Essential to Maintain Health
   Massage therapy can be an essential element in your healthcare schedule. It is estimated that ninety percent of disease is stress related. With the fast pace of the modern world aging us faster and faster, internally and externally eradicating anxiety and stress altogether might be unrealistic but massage can let off the pressure valve and make stress manageable. Massage is proven to decrease anxiety, enhance sleep quality, provide greater energy, increasing circulation, improving concentration and reducing fatigue.
   Due to the specific physiological and chemical changes throughout the body profound benefits can be felt.  Massage recipients attest to a sense well being and contentment of after receiving a massage. Massage and Bodywork or energy work provides emotional balance, a vital and valuable aspect to add to its physical benefits.

   The  latest research shows that with massage:

   Research continues to show tremendous benefits of massage, from treating injuries and stress to chronic diseases and nerve disorders.
   Massage is becoming an indispensible part of hospice care and neonatal intensive care units as the medical community is now endorsing massage and bodywork modalities. Medical institutions are incorporating referrals to massage therapists to treat for post-surgery recovery and patients for pain management.   Regular massage can bring many benefits as listed above of health maintenance, recovery and well being.  Massage is truly an investment not to be overlooked.

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